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Our Classes

We have 3 groups of children that are divided by their age and knowledge of Russian.

We are taking kids form 3 y.o. to 16-17 y.o.


Curriculum Stimulates

We teach the Russian language to children and young people (age 3-17). Our classes tailored for bilingual children, as well as those for whom Russian is a Foreign Language.

There are 3 groups of children, where they improve reading, writing and conversational skills through a variety of methodologies: traditional learning, innovative games, speech and conversational language improvement through drama, music and singing.

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Accelerate Learning

We teach the Russian language to older children (12-17), who wishes to take the Russian Language as their GCSE subject. That course is designed to accommodate beginners, lower intermediate level. The course is run by high caliber experienced professional tutor, PhD in Russian as a Foreign Language

Check Mates

We run a successful chess club “Manchester Check Mates” for the entire Trafford Borough and South Manchester Community, the chess club is run on Mondays 6:30 -7:30 pm in English by experienced tutors and chess players and is in partnership with Manchester Chess Federation. We welcome ALL Primary school age children who know the rules of the game.

Meet our Professional Team

Olga Kharevskaya

Managing Director/Head Teacher






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Qualified lecturer in History, graduated from (MGU) Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of History). Olga has over eleven years of teaching experience of Russian as a Foreign Language, History, Culture, over twenty years of experience in translation & interpreting. Work experience includes The University of Manchester, BBC, British Council, Manchester City Council, Transglobal languages, Ruder Finn and many other established business.
Olga’s experience and knowledge in working with Special Educational Needs children is invaluable, especially in developing of methodologies and highly specialised curriculum. She was a Governor in SEN school (Pictor Academy) for many years (Chair of Curriculum Committee), she is currently an elected Chair of Governors (Advisory Committee) for that school. Olga’s passion for children’s welfare, well-being, creativity, progress in intellectual and emotional development makes our school a very special place, where children’s natural talents open up, grow and thrive.




Svetlana Matskevitsh

Teacher for Reading/Writing skills






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Svetlana’s Moto: “Any learning experience must be enjoyable and fun” and fun it is! Svetlana offers teaching of Russian language with methodologies fitting in with her motto. She worked for Children’s Business School in Tallinn for over twenty years, worked with Game Club there, developed and applied games for children in partnership with up to twenty schools.

Svetlana has a degree in Primary School Education from the University of Tallinn (specialisation in teaching design technology, drawing, physical education). All that experience and knowledge Svetlana brings to live in her highly innovative lessons. She develops teaching material for Bilingual Children, children for whom Russian is a Foreign language.

Children up to the age of fourteen learn faster and more effectively through play. Combination of traditional academic learning with innovative active games make children learn the language with all types of memory. We recognised that some might be visual learners, some are read & write, some are audio, some tactile learners etc. and therefore the learning through interactive methodologies unlocks every child’s potential. Svetlana’s teaching strategies involve all that.




Olga Bekerman

Teacher for Conversational Language and Speech Development






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Olga’s formal education is in Journalism and Russian Literature from Tiraspol Division of the Moscow State University. Olga has an amazing talent in helping children to unlock their conversational skills in speaking Russian as a Foreign Language. Bilingual Children also develop their speaking ability further. She uses Speech and Language Methodologies, drama, theatre, encouraging creative thinking and observational skills in expressing the language in metaphor based way. Children learn poems, songs, dramatize stories, and perform in front of peers and parents. That helps to improve their confidence as well as their presentational skills. Olga also is a Yoga teacher and Children’s parties planner. That gives her a fantastic rapport with children, understanding their inner world and individuality. Children are relaxed, at ease and able to perform to the best of their ability.




Olga Chernyatina

Technical Director/ Administrator






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Olga has a degree in Medical and Biotechnical Engineering from Tver State Technical University as well as Master’s in Computer Science from Salford University. That makes her a perfect Business manager, Administrator and courses coordinator. Olga’s enthusiasm, love for children and amazing computer skills are invaluable to the school. She also enjoys participating in children’s celebrations. Olga’s main job is to liaise with parents and to make sure that the school is running smoothly, and all the necessary paperwork is in place. Running a non-profit organisation is an important work for the community and we are grateful for her input, personality and skills.

Our Events

We have open lessons, lively family celebrations and are planning much more.

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