Learning and Curriculum

Speech & Language Development. Conversational class.

Confidence in speaking, correct pronunciation

friendship round
Reading and Writing Skills

Innovative methods, functional reading


We are providing classes for the Russian language for children from the age of 2 to 16 in different small groups, and we plan to add other Modern Languages. 

We carefully assess each child’s individual ability and talents and we channel  these energies, abilities and talents into a professional tailor made curriculum. This helps children to enjoy the process of learning, and as a result they erupt like a volcano with their hidden and unknown reserves and talents. Our teaching staff is experienced, professional and loved by children.  

Little Hares  2 – 5 y.o.

Tigers  5 – 8 y.o.

Eagles   8 – 11 y.o.

GCSE preps 11 and up

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Our Success

Our Speech and Language development, and Reading and Writing Classes are proved to have a great success in our students progress.

Student work

Happy International day to all girls!


Dear all women and girls,
We wish you all Love and Happiness every day!

How we enjoyed the summer 2021!

We are waiting for the summer for a long time during winter and spring. Now when the summer is only in our memory we want to share it with everyone 🙂.